The elderly, office workers often experience bone-joint aches, aches and pains often due to many reasons, including age, wrong posture, and bone and joint diseases. etc., no matter what the cause, may make our health and quality of life worse. The introduction of massage chairs is one of the effective solutions in health care, especially to help us avoid diseases of the joints, dispel aches and pains, so that the health is more and more advanced. grandma, our parents. Here are the benefits of massage chairs for the skeletal system that you should not overlook.

Benefits of massage chairs for joints, tendons

In addition to relaxing, the massage chair also helps to gently massage the musculoskeletal system to promote the secretion of fluid from the joint, eliminating stagnation and fluid pocket in joints, increasing tendon flexibility, ligament. Helps circulate blood and lymph around the joints in a way that minimizes pain. For people with foot swelling, the massage of the foot rollers will push the lymph in a certain direction, thereby relieving pain and swelling.

Musculoskeletal benefits

Massage chair is a good therapy device for muscle health, helps increase muscle endurance. Because muscles are the part prone to stiffness, aches and pains on our bodies, this condition can occur in both "sedentary" office workers and those who exercise excessively sports. Roller system and airbag are equipped on massage chairs with effects such as day, punching, tapping, pressing, rubbing, which will help relax the muscles and help quickly recover from fatigue when subjected to intense activities. , massage increases muscle circulation, so that the bones are nourished better. Therefore, enjoying on a massage chair will help you avoid symptoms such as joint pain, muscle fatigue, while also helping you reduce muscle atrophy, help accumulate glycogen to help nourish muscles very well.

Benefits for the spine

The older our spine tends to weaken, not as flexible as it used to be, the stretching feature of the massage chair is one of the great features to help relax muscles quickly, our body will be Gentle stretching, acting along the spine causes the spinal cavities to relax, reducing the pressure on the nerves to help relax the spine quickly, support the treatment of lumbago, prevent prevent vertebral degeneration in the elderly.

Quickly recover injuries

The heated heat combined with the airbags on the massage chair alternately impacts on the muscular areas will bring about health improvement effects, especially to help recover injuries, support muscle, bone and joint healing. , relieves pain, bruises. Because when the blood circulation is well circulated, it increases circulation through muscles, eliminates the possibility of blood stagnation in the veins, dissolves muscle blood, prevents adhesion of muscle fibers, tendons in trauma, prevents muscle spasms, makes vasodilation, dissolves bruising, increases metabolism and local nutrition from which the injury can recover to its original state quickly.

Stretching prevents muscle pain, waist

Lumbar and hip spasms are a common disease caused by sitting in the wrong position, working hard on the back, such as extreme sports, heavy portraits, and pain that often lasts and leaves. Back with many troublesome consequences for health, massage chairs are applied with advanced technologies and the essence of physical therapy to help stretch muscles, relieve pain and limit the symptoms caused by lower back muscle pain, this is Perfect method to help repel and prevent the consequences of this disease.

Spinal alignment

When we study and work posture is the leading cause of our life twisted, if not change this habit early, your body will lose the natural balance, you will tends to hunchback, neck withdrawal. Massage chair with ultra-long SL frame and roller system runs along the spine to the buttocks, helps to adjust the alignment of the spine, while improving the scoliosis curvature and balancing the overall structure of the skeletal system. joint.

Above are the "golden" benefits of massage chairs to help improve the health of the joints, muscles, body aches, shoulders, nape, waist, spine to help the birth of us always happy, healthy and happy. more in life.

The quality of the leather of massage chairs is not exactly the right one, this is a problem that many customers are interested in and wonder when they need to buy full body massage chairs, because it is one of the very important factors that make up a quality massage chair. Let's learn about the standard leather material of massage chairs with Okasa in this article.

Various types of leather currently on the market

Massage chairs are currently extremely diverse in design and price, but one of the factors that make the value of this product is the leather seats. Good leather seats can create a shiny, attractive to users, on the other hand withstand the continuous impact from rollers and airbags massage as well as sweat, humidity in the environment during use.

PU leather material.

On the market today, there are 3 main types of leather for making massage chairs: genuine leather, high-grade PU and industrial leather. Genuine leather is the best quality leather, however, it is impossible to meet the quantity if using genuine leather to make chairs, moreover the product price is also very high. Although industrial leather has the advantage of price, its durability and quality are poor, economic value is not high, use in a short time will occur peeling, cracking skin due to moisture.

Standard leather material for massage chairs

So the most standard material for manufacturing massage chair leather is high-grade PU leather, which has the same quality as the finished product, which is not inferior to genuine leather due to its meticulous workmanship, reasonable price, durability. guaranteed over 10 years under normal conditions of use, the surface is almost 95% genuine leather. One particular reason is that using PU leather will not cause an imbalance in the number of creatures such as sheep, cows, crocodiles, goats, etc. because to make genuine leather, you will have to use quite a lot of leather. these species.

All Okasa massage chair models use leather with guaranteed durability.

As such, PU leather is the most economical and affordable option for both users and the environment. Understanding this, all Okasa massage chairs use PU leather to increase chair use and aesthetics.

The above article has answered all of your questions in choosing a massge chair with standard leather material depending on your needs. In addition, you can also refer to the massage chair system of Okasa.

Recently, Okasa has received many questions from customers about issues such as: Under 40 million can choose to buy a good massage chair or not? What criteria to identify the good massage chair line? Those are questions that many customers are wondering has no answers.

Okasa can assert to you that: Under 40 million you completely own yourself a perfect quality massage chair, trendy design and fully meet the features as well as get the current massage techniques. most.

Regarding the criteria to identify the good massage chair line, Okasa thinks that a good massage chair line must meet the following basic requirements:

Design and material

Should choose the line of chairs with modern design soft leather material, ventilation. Details such as rollers or airbags are made of high quality material with high durability.

Features and programs of the massage chair line

To choose a good massage chair, you need to pay attention to the features of the device: back neck, back, foot massage or body massage. Also need to pay attention to the automatic installation of the machine to suit your preferences or therapy requirements.

Modern technologies help improve health

Modern massage technology helps bring comprehensive efficiency to the user. Choose a device that integrates many features to support treatment to each health problem such as:

Roller system: a massage chair will have a back roller system, some good chairs will have a foot roller system, with this roller system, users will be deeply impacted on the whole points. The back and legs direct the legs to relax effectively and reduce stiffness in the joints.

Airbag system: Normally, a massage chair will be equipped with airbag systems in many positions such as shoulders, arms, legs, hips, thighs, heads. The more the airbag system, the more comprehensive the massage effect.

Infrared heat: Massage chairs equipped with infrared heat system will enhance massage efficiency, help the body to circulate blood better, especially the elderly.

Body-Scan Technology: This technology helps massage chairs determine different user sizes to adjust the best massage angle, providing a more perfect massage experience.

Zero Gravity technology: Integrated in modern massage chairs to reduce pressure on the spine, reduce back pain and restore efficiency, suitable for many office people and people working hard. .

Above are the criteria you need to pay attention when choosing to buy massage chairs, so that you can choose a satisfactory chair and best suits your needs.

Okasa would like to introduce to you 2 models of massage chairs below 40 million, which are loved by many customers in Okasa

In the top of the bestselling products under 40 million, Okasa OS 268 Plus and H199 massage chairs are two product lines that customers choose and care about the most! Let's find out why G17 and H199 have received such attention and love?

Luxurious style, modern features with Okasa OS 268 Plus massage chair

This is the massage chair line that has been loved and trusted by consumers for months at Okasa. Okasa OS 268 Plus massage chair with perfect modern design, with many modern features to bring the most supple health and the most relaxing feeling for you and your whole family.

Integrated 6 automatic massage modes for you to experience the most intensive exercises

The excellent combination of Zero Gravity and infrared heat enhances blood circulation, relaxes the body, supports the treatment of aches and pains in the spine, and is suitable for improving health. of the elderly.

At the same time, the seat uses intelligent airbag technology, gently squeezing to increase the efficiency of deep massage into the muscle bundles, bringing muscle relaxation, improving blood circulation and relaxing the body. G17 massage chair is a great health gift for your beloved family.

Awaken your overall health with the Okasa OS 168 Plus massage chair

Sometimes we need to equip yourself and your family with a massage chair because you can freely relax after a long busy day.

Okasa OS 168 Plus massage chair gives users a professional massage experience. The S-rib cage system combines with the air bag to release and expand blood vessels to help the internal organs work better.

Modern Zero Gravity technology significantly reduces the gravity acting on the spine, helping the body relax in the most comfortable position.

Users will feel the intensive massage programs from head to toe, all aches and pains will give way to comfort, refreshment & arousing comprehensive health.

Above are 2 typical chairs for cheap massage chairs that are loved and appreciated by users

Massage chair is the best health care machine today, let's find out why it is so great, everyone.

Massage chairs relieve all pain

The first and most fundamental reason to decide to buy a massage chair is because of its use. You need a massage therapy to relieve aches and pains after work, especially if you are an office worker, back pain is almost inevitable. Massage chairs can easily ease your pain quickly without using care services, saving you time and money.

A good sleep

Everyone wants to have a good night's sleep, I am sure that you are too. The stresses of modern life make it very rare for us to get enough sleep, if this happens regularly can lead to excessive stress (stress). Massage chairs are proven to help you reduce stress, stabilize blood pressure, this will help you have a more complete sleep.

Dispel the anxiety, fatigue

An adult is more likely to experience fatigue, anxiety due to work or social relationships. According to research, massage can reduce the levels of the hormone cortisol, leading to improved mental health, it can also increase neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, reducing the likelihood of depression. So that the anxiety, fatigue will be reduced.

Improve immune system

If you are stressed, insomnia is easy to lead to illness, these are related factors. Massage chair applies the most advanced massage therapies, helps accelerate the body's blood circulation process faster, and removes toxins, bacteria, toxic substances from the body, combining Reducing stress will prevent pathogens from affecting your health.

If you are cherishing the intention of buying a massage chair, these are the things not to be missed when choosing a chair. Pocket the note below surely you will choose a massage chair like that.

Who will use the seat?

Who is the main object will use the chair after buying. According to the latest research, massage chairs do not have any limits on the age of users, who are from 1m2 height can use. So, depending on your height and the members, it is best to go to the store to try the product before buying.

Choose a chair that suits your budget

Finance is considered to be the most important factor when deciding to buy massage chairs. Body massage chairs are now very diverse and design, utility features, massage technology, along with the price is also different.

A massage chair ranges from a few million to a few tens of millions for the high-end line. The value of the seats is determined by the programs, motors and technologies applied by the chairs, the cheaper products are not because of poor quality but the dynamic and integrated programs will be less.

If possible, customers should choose high-class massage chairs imported from famous brands such as Okasa Pro S1, Kiwami 4D 970

After sales service and warranty

After-sales service, especially in the warranty period for high-value products such as massage chairs, is extremely important. If distributed from reputable brands and shops, the chair will have a long-term and convenient guarantee, one of the factors that create the trust of buyers.

When deciding to buy a massage chair, you should carefully check the warranty policy, conditions of warranty and the warranty period of the chair, after you are assured of this, you should quickly choose a massage chair I like the best to take care of my health for the whole family.

Massage chairs are now a reliable choice for many families in health care. Let's learn about the great uses that Okasa has on this device.

Have you ever felt after each tired work, just want to lie down, take a deep sleep, let the massage chair help you. With special uses only in massage chairs, will bring you the most comfortable moments after stressful working time.

Relax, reduce stress: After a long day of studying and working, your whole body as well as your mind are fully focused to work, so it will inevitably get tired. Using a massage chair after a full day of activity will help you relieve all fatigue and pressure. Helps relieve stress, blood circulation, relaxed mood, restore energy to prepare for a new day full of enthusiasm.

Sleep better and deeper: Insomnia or sleepless sleep are the fears of most people. If you don't get enough sleep in the evening, it's really hard to have a good working day the next day. So, for those who are often insomnia, difficult to sleep or startled when sleeping, the use of a massage chair before sleeping is also an effective measure.

Reducing aches and pains: The use of massage chair is most likely to help users reduce aches and pains, improve health status, or long-term joint diseases. . In addition, it also helps users support the treatment of diseases such as blood disease, muscle recovery, ligaments after injury ... Besides, thanks to the foot massage function, you only need to put the sole of the foot into the footrest. then the massge chair will automatically massage, massage to make your feet comfortable, all symptoms are numb, aches and pains after a long day of exercise. Moreover, the high quality massage chair can effectively treat the thigh pain. After a day of working, blood vessels are clogged due to sedentary, at this time using massage chairs will eliminate problems such as numbness of legs, buttocks, thigh pain.

Treatment: massage chair with acupressure function, massage on the lumbar region, neck and neck, effectively treat headache, back pain, degenerative cervical or spinal pain. In addition, massage chair also helps blood circulation, regulates blood pressure very well for people with high blood pressure, low blood pressure.

Massage chair products suitable for many objects such as many workers, heavy work, people who sit for a long time, people who practice sports, old people and aging joints.

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